Toni's Tips: Plan a Spring Declutter Day to Refresh Your Home & Mind

Toni's Tips: Plan a Spring Declutter Day to Refresh Your Home & Mind

Toni’s Tips: Plan a Spring Declutter Day to Refresh Your Home & Mind

After a long and relentless winter, Spring 2019 has finally arrived, bringing warmer temps yet stormier days along with it!  While we're all itching to go out and enjoy the outdoors, we'll probably still have some rainy days stuck inside.  To help make the most of those rainy days, interior designer Toni Rieke recommends devoting some of that time to a good ole declutter, which can significantly help "refresh" the interior of your home and your mind as well as substantially increase storage space.

To help get you well on your way to a roomier, revitalized home and state of mind, Toni has compiled several tips for an easy and effective Spring Declutter Day (or weekend!):

Get Motivated

  • Get the family involved because the more people that participate, the less stressful and more productive Declutter Day will be for everyone!
    Declutter piles

    Organize your things by creating piles/boxes of what you're keeping, donating, selling, recycling, and throwing away.

  • Set "declutter goals" for yourself and your family, if they're participating.  Simply put, having a goal will motivate you and keep you on track.  For example, you can set the goal of decluttering a quarter of your entire wardrobe.

Get Started

  • Focus on one area or room at a time—don't tackle everything at once!  If you take on too much at one time, you're more likely to get overwhelmed and quit early or not get as much done as you would like.
  • Take everything from the area you're focusing on and lay it all out, like on a bed, floor, or spare table, so you can see everything that you have in one place.  This helps you realize how much you have and find things that you've forgotten about or misplaced.

Stay Organized

  • Create five designated declutter piles for the things you're keeping, donating, selling, recycling, and throwing away, which will help keep you focused and organized throughout the entire decluttering process.  In addition, seeing how much you're keeping, selling, etc. helps you stay on track to reaching your declutter goals.
  • Try to only keep the basics, the classics, and the things you love or have sentimental value.  As Toni would say, "Don't just 'fill the space' with stuff"be mindful about what you're keeping!  For example, your "basics" are the things you need or the things you use or wear often (like your favorite shirt), while the "classics" are the things that never go out of style or the things you always use or wear for certain occasions (like your staple "little black dress").  Then, once you figure out your basic, classic, and loved/sentimental items, you can organize and re-place them so that they're easy to find and/or displayed to your liking.

Stay Calm

  • Remember to take breaks to help recharge and re-motivate yourself between individual declutters.  There's no need to rush the process or stress about what you haven't done yettake pride in what you have done already!

All in all, by using these tips from Toni (and, hopefully, your family's help as well), you can have a very productive and successful Declutter Day (or weekend), one that leaves you, your family, and your home feeling refreshed and ready for the warmer months to come!

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