Timber Rock Development Update – Mid-September 2018

Timber Rock Development Update – Mid-September 2018

Timber Rock Development Update – Mid-September 2018

Timber Rock Development Update - September 17th, 2018

This last month has been an exciting one for the Timber Rock Team!  Home construction has begun and our beautiful development is quickly taking shape -- and selling out fast!

Home Construction In-Progress

At the end of August, we started digging basements for future spec and model homes, officially kicking off the home construction process.  Here are the pictures taken by builder and developer Bruce Rieke on August 27th:

Beginning of home construction (August 27, 2018)

Beginning of home construction (August 27, 2018)

And, more recently, here's a picture taken on September 14th showcasing a spec's newly-poured basement:

Beginning of home construction (September 14, 2018)

Likewise, many other Timber Rock homes have started or are preparing to start the construction process.  At this time, we have a total of:

  • Eighteen builder spec homes ready to start construction,
  • Four model homes, with one already under construction.
  • Eight build jobs under contract for buyers waiting to start the building process with their chosen builders.

Website Construction In-Progress

Meanwhile, the Timber Rock website is also undergoing construction of its own!  The newest, multi-page version of the website -- complete with builder information, model information, lot information, and more -- will be launched soon.  Here's a sneak peek of the 3D model handouts that will be available on this new website:

(Timber Rock website and handouts created by Blue Carbon Design.)

New Drone Footage Captured

In addition, we captured some incredible new drone footage back on July 31st, right before we started digging basements.  Check it out:

(Footage taken by Drone on Demand and Viral Video Marketing.)

Watch Timber Rock's other drone and progress update videos on our YouTube channel.

Future Timber Rock Development updates will be posted on B.L. Rieke's website and on Timber Rock's official Facebook page soon.  You can also follow Timber Rock's progress on its InstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest pages.  Visit Timber Rock's website for more information.

Interested in building a new home on one of our beautiful lots?  Call one of our Timber Rock agents today:

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