Timber Rock Development Update - Early July 2018

Timber Rock Development Update - Early July 2018

Timber Rock Development Update – Early July 2018

Timber Rock Development Update - July 6th, 2018

The Timber Rock Team has seen a lot of progress at the development over these past two months!

From late May to mid-June, our construction crews polished off the new streets by adding street markings and temporary street signs.  Meanwhile, home builders and prospective homeowners alike started touring the community and making their lot selections.

Here's a drone tour of our gorgeous new streets:

By late June, we excitedly received official clearance to begin digging basements and commence the next phase of the development process: home construction!  Also at that time, crews began installing the underground electrical lines.

Now with the Fourth of July behind us, we're only weeks away from closing on lots and starting basement work.  Crews are continuing to make rapid progress in the meantime -- the street lights and power are going in and the water lines are almost finished.

The entire Team is very excited and ready to start building some beautiful new homes!

Watch Timber Rock's most recent progress update videos on our YouTube channel:

Future Timber Rock Development updates will be posted on B.L. Rieke's website and on Timber Rock's official Facebook page soon.  You can also follow Timber Rock's progress on its InstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest pages.  Visit Timber Rock's website for more information.

Interested in building a new home on one of our beautiful lots?  Call one of our Timber Rock agents today:

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