New in Year 2016: Custom Home Trends

New in Year 2016: Custom Home Trends

A prosperous 2015 is quickly drawing to a close, with 2016 close on its heels.  Some of the new home trends we saw in 2015, such as whole home automation and interior barn doors, are still in high demand going into the new year.  However, they'll be moving out of the spotlight as a brand new set of predicted custom home building and design trends take the stage, especially in B.L. Rieke homes.  Some of the more popular include the following:

Trend 1 - White Kitchens

White cabinets, white walls, white trim, and more--all come together to form the clean, bright, and airy look of a chic white kitchen.  While the primary parts of the space are white or white-based neutrals, pops of color can be added by accessories, appliances, and countertops  for contrast and visual interest.  White kitchens are also very versatile because they can be assimilated to fit many styles, such as contemporary and farmhouse-style homes.  See some pictures of white kitchen design possibilities here.

Trend 2 - Exposed Ceiling Trusses

From industrial steel beams to rustic wood beams (a B.L. Rieke specialty), exposed ceiling trusses are becoming all the rage.  Ceiling trusses and beams can be customized to suit any style or taste and offer fantastic visual appeal to any room with high ceilings.  They can vary in everything from base material to size and color based upon personal preference and building requirements.  Check out some exposed truss and beam examples here.

Custom exposed ceiling trusses

B.L. Rieke custom home featuring exposed beams in the master bedroom.

Trend 3 - Recycled and Re-purposed Materials and Items: Going "green" has been a popular trend for several years now.  The newest addition to the original trend is the frequent use of recycled or re-purposed materials and items in custom home design.  Items such as reclaimed barn wood and lumber, refurbished antiques, and re-purposed furnishings (i.e. wine bottles used in light fixtures) are gaining in popularity.  A design staple in many recent B.L. Rieke homes is using reclaimed lumber as a wall accent or door material.  See some recycled and re-purposed designs here.

Trend 4 - Large, Multipurpose Kitchen Islands: Here at B.L. Rieke, the kitchen is considered the "heart of the home" because it's where you and your family spend a lot of your time together.  The island is the core of the kitchen, making it a very important and heavily-used surface in your home.  A large, multipurpose kitchen island is spacious and adaptable enough to fill all of your needs as a homeowner.  It can function as the gathering center of your house party to an expansive cooking surface to a family space where the kids can do homework.  The uses are endless!  Discover the trends for large kitchen islands here.

Large, custom kitchen island

Custom B.L. Rieke-designed kitchen island is a perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and everything in between.

Trend 5 - User-Customized Home Automation Systems: While Home Automation Systems (HAS) have been around for a few years now, the newest advancements in the technology is a huge leap forward going into 2016.  The updated systems expand into Wifi-enabled automated security functions, HVAC controls, audio and video applications, and more--all easily-accessible via an app on your mobile device.  HAS is also becoming more user-customization-friendly, making it easy for homeowners to adjust them to best fit their lifestyles.  Check out the top-rated 2016 HAS tech here.

Read more about some upcoming 2016 trends by checking out this Houzz article detailing 25 home design trends we're likely to see this year.

Here at B.L. Rieke Custom Homes, we're looking forward to another great year of custom home building and blog posts.  See you next year!  Cheers!

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