Designing the Ashlynne, B.L. Rieke’s 2017 Model Home

Designing the Ashlynne, B.L. Rieke’s 2017 Model Home

B.L. Rieke Custom Homes’s new Ashlynne model home, winner of the KCHBA's "Pick of the Parade" and "Distinctive Plan & Design" awards, is a prime example of innovative design that blends the comfort of a traditional home with the flair of modern finishes.  Overall, this stylish yet functional home was made possible by the combined talents and hard work of the B.L. Rieke Design Team and their suppliers and subcontractors.

A "Fresh Look" for B.L. Rieke Custom Homes

Designing the Ashlynne was no small feat for seasoned interior designer Toni Rieke and her assistant designer Beth Weir.  They wanted to create “a fresh look” for B.L. Rieke’s new generation of homes, something that incorporated current trends and the business’s signature style.

Ashlynne Gallery 2017

The Ashlynne Great Room.

“Times are changing,” says Toni Rieke, “We wanted to incorporate new design elements while staying true to our brand.”  In an effort to mix the new with the old, Rieke and Weir experimented with grey tones, warm features, and modern accents, creating a beautifully unique modern rustic style.  “We wanted to show homeowners how they could incorporate grey colors and still keep the house warm and inviting.”

The Inspiration Behind the Ashlynne

The Ashlynne’s modern rustic style was inspired by various design elements and inspirational photos collected by Rieke over the last several years.  Rieke and Weir then found inspirational elements and pieces to act as starting points for the design in every room.  For instance, the design in the Den’s design was based on the armchairs found while furniture shopping.

“Art served as a big inspiration for most of the model,” Rieke adds, referring to the variety of modern and western chic art pieces used throughout the home.  The horse and bird-themed artwork in particular is a common thread, helping to tie various room styles together.  “We built the design around our favorite pieces that we found,” she claims.

Ashlynne Gallery 2017

The Ashlynne Lower Level.

The Art of Simple, "Feel Good" Design

Essentially, each room’s unique design was built around interesting pieces of furniture or art, creating a “soft” visual focal point.  After determining this focal point, Rieke and Weir started picking larger pieces first and then smaller pieces later to complement the central art or furniture piece.  Doing that helped keep the design simple, elegant and comforting, which are all key elements in B.L. Rieke’s award-winning interior designs.

“It’s better not to overdo it,” Rieke cautions, “Over-decorating is overly stimulating—it’s too much to look at.”  Instead, she suggests to “start big then go small” by choosing your big pieces, like furniture and fixtures, first and then working your way down to the small, accessorizing pieces.  “You want your mind to be at ease.  So, if something feels ‘off’ about a room’s design, try pulling a few smaller things out and live with it for a while to see if it feels better.”

Effective Visualization, Successful Design

Ashlynne Gallery 2017

The Ashlynne Master Bathroom.

Rieke also recommends creating “vision boards” to help you visualize your designs, thus making the designing process easier.  In a nutshell, vision boards are compilations of pictures and sketches of design ideas, furniture pieces, colors, accessories, and more.  They can be made on or offline and can be organized in whatever way makes sense to you.  For example, Rieke and her design team create vision boards using whiteboards and sites like Pinterest and often organizes them by room type, like “Kitchen” and “Master Bedroom,” or object type, like “Paint Colors” and “Accessories.”

Thanks to effective design methods like these and their talents for visualization, the B.L. Rieke Design Team succeeded in fashioning the Ashlynne plan into a truly spectacular, award-winning home.  With everything said and done, it is certainly a home that B.L. Rieke is proud to put its name on.

“Honestly, I love the entire home.  I like the way that it all works together and fits a variety of lifestyles and home dynamics.  It’s a home where you can just come and relax and feel good in.”

Ashlynne Gallery 2017

The Ashlynne Covered Lanai--one of Toni Rieke's favorite areas in the home.

Watch B.L. Rieke's video about the "Ashlynne"!

All photos were taken by Tony Thompson of Thompson Photography.

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