Choosing Your Perfect Countertop, Part 2: Solid Surface Countertops

Choosing Your Perfect Countertop, Part 2: Solid Surface Countertops

Countertops come in various styles, brands, and materials.  The large variety of options open to homeowners can make choosing the perfect countertop a tough decision, especially since there are so many different types of countertops on the market.  Some popular types of countertops include: laminate, solid surface, composite, glass, granite, quartz, onyx, and marble countertops.  Each type differs in its resistance, maintenance, material composition, and--of course--price.  Ultimately, the choice of countertop can greatly affect the budget, quality, and style of a custom home.

In Part 2 of the "Choosing Your Perfect Countertop" blog series, we will discuss the characteristics of solid surface countertops.

Solid surface countertops are factory-produced, solid countertops made with acrylic, polymer, paper, or stone-derived materials.  They are made to replicate the look of granite or quartz without the expensive price tag.  They are popular options for countertops because of their budget-friendly price, large variety of colors and styles, natural cleanliness (due to being a nonporous surface), and overall durability.  While more expensive than laminate, solid surface countertops can withstand impacts better and are easier to repair.  Unlike the more expensive options, however, solid surface tops can be vulnerable to heat and general wear-and-tear, depending on the material they are made out of.  For example, composite counter tops, a paper fiber-version of solid surface tops, can resist heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit but are very vulnerable to UV exposure.


DuPont Corian Colors

DuPont Corian's large variety of colors and styles


See the table below for a full list of the characteristics of solid surface countertops:


Solid Surface Styles

Solid surfaces countertops can imitate the look of more expensive materials.

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  1. 31.07.2015 at 2:12 pm

    Although they may be man-made, a lot of the countertops that are done such are actually great to use. Wear and tear may happen to other materials, and some more than most, but it all goes according to your budget, needs, and views. However, you would be making a great choice if you chose earth-made materials (marble, granite, etc.), but you are still making a wonderful choice when purchasing another material.

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