B.L. Rieke's Favorite Features: Custom Water Features

B.L. Rieke’s Favorite Features: Custom Water Features

Over the last 25 years, B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders has built many incredible homes with countless beautiful custom features.  One of the most popular and one of our favorite home design features to customize is landscaping, particularly waterfalls, ponds, and other water features.

Custom water features can be used to add curb appeal, spruce up a pool or patio area, or to bring nature to your backyard.  The best thing about water features is their flexibility--they can fit any size, any style, and any budget.  They can even be kid and pet-friendly!  With so many options to choose from and customize, it's often a good idea to first find some inspiration for your water feature.  A good place to start is to figure out what type of custom water feature you would like to build.

  • Water Feature Types: These can range from natural streams, waterfalls, and ponds to urban water walls and sculptural fountains.  B.L. Rieke has built many different types pf custom water features, such as ponds with bubbling rocks and Infinity Edge pools with the edge being a waterfall.  The type you choose will depend on your budget, the landscape, and your personal taste.


Infinity Edge pool with waterfall

Water from an Infinity Edge pool spills over a custom water feature at this B.L. Rieke home.


  • Water Feature Locations: A water feature's impact and design depend heavily on where it is located around your home.  Consider where you would enjoy it most: by the front door, the patio, the pool, etc.  Many of B.L. Rieke's clients choose to put their custom water feature near the front walkway, so that visitors and passersby can appreciate its grandeur.  Another reason to seriously consider location is that the ground type (i.e. soil characteristics) and the slope of the land may impact the construction, maintenance, and longevity of your water feature.


Bubble rock

Small pond with a bubble rock feature, built in front of a B.L. Rieke custom home.


  • Water Feature Materials: The materials that you use can dramatically affect the price and look of your custom water feature.  While you shouldn't skimp on required construction materials, such as waterproof masonry, filler dirt, and liners, you can customize the aesthetic materials you use to build and decorate your feature.  For example, natural materials such as slate, flagstone, and river rock will generally cost a different amount than man-made materials, like concrete, faux rock, and tile.  Other material characteristics to be consider--besides cost--is durability, texture, weight, and how the material weathers.


Large natural pond with waterfall

Ponds, such as this one, can be built in different materials to accommodate your tastes and budget. You can even fill this type of custom water feature with fish!


Other factors to consider include your custom water feature's shape, the landscaping surrounding it, and if you want it filled with wildlife (fish, frogs, birds, etc.), among other things.

For more information about custom landscaping and water features, check out Epic Landscape Production's website and B.L. Rieke's Houzz page.  For more inspirational ideas and photos, check out Houzz and HGTV.com.








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