Favorite Home Features: Faux Finishes

Favorite Home Features: Faux Finishes

Over the last 25 years, B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders has built many incredible homes with countless beautiful custom features.  One of our most popular and favorite interior home features to add to custom homes are faux finishes.

Faux finishing is a series of different painting techniques that can be used to replicate the look of natural or urban materials, textures, and landscapes.  Quite literally, "faux" finishes are exactly what they sound like--finishes painted in imitation of something else.  Extremely versatile and customizable, these finishes can accommodate any design style or taste.

The many different techniques include color washing, dry-brushing, fresco, sponging, texturing, and more (read about them here).  Techniques can also be combined or altered to create a brand new, unique look.  Compared to a simple, painted surface, a surface decked out in faux is elevated in both design and visual interest.  Faux finishes can easily accentuate a home or room's style, as well.   For example, a rustic home could have a faux-finished wall that resembles leather.  Another example would be a beach-style home containing a wall painted like moving water.

Faux finishes

Various faux finishing techniques can be used, depending on style and the home's design.

One of the benefits of using faux finishing is its versatility.  The design implications are infinite--from color to pattern to medium--and this painting techniques can be applied to many different surfaces.  Walls are the most commonly-used canvases, yet picture frames (as seen in the bottom right picture above), accessories, ceilings (seen below), cabinets, and more can also be faux finished.

Ceiling faux finish

Beautiful faux finish on a custom ceiling.

Faux finished surfaces can also be "washed" with color, creating a sheer, build-able layer of natural-looking color.  Stain can be used to add additional dimension and color, especially to cabinets and other wood surfaces.  Additionally, neutral metallic colors painted over it can add a bit of glisten and glam (see below).

Metallic-painted faux

Metallic paint over faux adds a sense of luxury to a room.

With all of the endless design possibilities that they create, it is not surprising that faux finishes are quickly becoming a staple in custom home design.  So, what kind of unique look would you create with faux?  Let us know in the comments section below!

For more pictures of custom faux finishes and similar features, check out B.L. Rieke's Houzz page.  For more information, inspirational ideas, and photos, check out Houzz and HGTV.com.


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